Academic Excellence

Laying the Foundation

At St. Wendelin’s Catholic School, we know that children are motivated participants in their education and we strive to encourage that desire to learn and grow in the way that is best for them. Together with the parents and entire family, we work together to create a learning environment for your child where the head, heart, and hands are all fully utilized to prepare your child for a successful education.

We model much of our teaching after the Montesorri program, which is designed to educate the whole person. At St. Wendelin’s Catholic School, we are cultivating and offering high-quality academics, fostering healthy social/emotional interactions, and providing work that is experiential and hands-on. This allows your children to demonstrate their nature as motivated, respectful, and kind individuals who are independent and critical thinkers.

  • A curriculum that exceeds Minnesota State standards.
  • A Christ-centered, Catholic learning community focused on a commitment of Christian service, academic excellence, and spiritual growth.
  • A learning experience that utilizes both traditional classroom learning and hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Teachers who are deeply committed and connected to your child’s unique and wonderful potential.
  • An emphasis on personal responsibility through service and love of others.
  • A learning environment and teaching team that recognizes and celebrates your student’s God-given strengths and talents.

Our team at St. Wendelin’s Catholic School will walk alongside the family to partner in your child’s academic, spiritual, and social development. We are honored to partner with you.

The personal education your child deserves.

Developing young minds takes love and attention.

No matter what your children are excited about learning and exploring, we can meet them where they are at and bring their interests to life. Our students have different needs, abilities, strengths, and challenges that will come together and help them learn in an environment of respect, acceptance, patience, and understanding. We believe we are all part of one large family and our students feel that sense of belonging from the moment they enter our doors.