We’re excited that your family is considering our school. There’s bound to be a lot of questions as you make this important decision. For three generations, families have chosen to make St. Wendelin’s Catholic School the place to start their child’s education journey and have not regretted it.

If you find you have questions as you do your research, take a moment and read our FAQs. We’ve done our best to put the questions in there that are most often asked and need answers to. Of course, we always welcome your direct questions as well so please feel free to give us a call. We’ll gladly help you with any questions you may have!

Does our family have to be Catholic in order to attend St. Wendelin’s Catholic School?
No! We welcome non-Catholic families. According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, “The Catholic school’s proper function is to create a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity.” It is this embedded Gospel spirit that exposes children to moral values in the classroom every day.

What is your average class size?
Our average class size is 15 students with multi-aged classrooms. 

Is busing available for St. Wendelin students?
Families living in the St. Cloud School District may qualify for bussing through Spanier Bus Co. Some arrangements have been made with Henderson Bus Co. out of Kimball to pick up students south of Luxemburg.

Do you have special services for students who need extra help?
Yes. St. Wendelin’s Catholic School has a reading specialist using the Barton program. Additional services are available through District 742.

Does St. Wendelin have an after school care program?
Yes, St. Wendelin’s Catholic School has an aftercare program that runs until 6:00 pm.

Are there any special classes?
We currently offer physical education, music, and technology integration for all of our students.

What is the school safety plan?
We are a secure campus and have measures in place to secure our students and staff.

How does tuition work?
St. Wendelin’s Catholic School does not turn anyone away due to financial concerns. Please contact us to discuss scholarship options.

What is expected of parents in regards to fundraising?
In order to keep tuition costs down, St. Wendelin’s Catholic School hosts fundraising opportunities throughout the year. All families are expected to help with fundraising. Our two main fundraisers are the Catholic United Financial Raffle and our Spring Dinner Auction.

Does St. Wendelin’s Catholic School offer to their students a hot lunch/breakfast?
Yes, we do have a free hot lunch and free breakfast program!

Can we enroll our child in the middle of a school year?
Yes, let’s chat! We ask that you call the school office to set up a meeting with the principal prior to registering.

Do St. Wendelin students wear a uniform?
No, however we do have a dress code for our students.

Does St. Wendelin follow the curriculum standards required by the State of Minnesota?
Yes. St. Wendelin’s Catholic School curriculum is inspired by Montessori philosophy. We also use the Minnesota Standards to guide instruction.